Pastor Saulo

Pastor Saulo dos Santos, born on June 10, 1969 in Juranda in the State of Paraná in Brazil. Son of Pastor Antonio Domingos dos Santos and Conceição dos Santos. Pastor Saulo was born into a family of few possessions but believers in Jesus and faithful to God. He worked a lot since he was little and always tried to be very diligent in his studies and in the church, something he always did with the encouragement of his parents.

Pastor Saulo studied in public schools and after his basic and high school education, he attended courses in Accounting Technician and also in Teaching (teacher from 1st to 4th grades) simultaneously, completing both courses in 1987, at this time studied morning and night.

In 1988 he served in the Brazilian army for almost a year in the city of Curitiba, capital of the State of Paraná.

In 1989, after finishing his military service, he passed the entrance exam for the Administration Course at the State University of the Midwest of the State of Paraná, in the city of Guarapuava, where he graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor's Degree in Administration. He then entered the postgraduate course in Economics with an emphasis on Foreign Trade, which he completed in 1998. Before his graduation in 1996, he was invited to take the selective test to be a professor in the Administration Course at the same university where he had been. formed. When he passed this test, he began teaching and soon after took the public examination and was hired at the university. He worked there for 6 years, teaching Foreign Trade classes. Before long, he was assigned to oversee the internship sector of the course. With only two years of work, he was elected Pedagogical Coordinator of the Administration Course. During its two-year term, the course obtained an A grade in the national course exam (MEC exam). After that, in 2000 he was appointed General Coordinator of Extensions by the president of the university, a function that included coordinating four municipalities with more than 800 students, 100 teachers and 4 coordinators, all under the leadership of Professor Saulo.

Everything was going very well in his professional career and also in his family life, as in 1999 he married Priscila Rocha dos Santos and as a result of this union he has two children: Saulo dos Santos Filho (now 22 years old) and Julya R. Dos Santos (now 18 years old).

There was something that was always on Pastor Saul's mind: The call of God, which always rang in his heart. Something that for a long time he tried not to listen, knowing the great responsibility that is to be called to the ministry. Because he always followed and collaborated with the ministry of his father, now a pastor for over 50 years in Brazil.

Serving God from an early age, because when his father was born he was already a full-time pastor in the ministry, he became involved in church activities as a musician, youth leader, and Sunday school teacher. He served as pastor of youth in the local and regional church, adding more than 60 churches.

In December 2001, he was ordained a Pastor and sent out as a missionary to continue the planting work of the Assemblies of God Seeders of Good News Ministries church in Atlanta.

Taking over the church on December 17, 2001 and still serving in the same position today. He is developing this wonderful project that he started in a miraculous way. In December 2000, without financial resources, Pastor Antonio planted the Church and God has always blessed. the number of people he congregated at that time was 8 to 12 people a week, and today, thanks to God, there are more than 500.

There are many projects and testimonies of many miracles, lived by Pastor Saulo over these 20 years pastoring the church here in Georgia.

Pastor Saulo, together with MSBN Atlanta, is responsible for many missionary works in Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, several countries on the African continent and many other places around the world. In the United States, we are in Florida, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Alabama, Tennessee and on the project to continue with missionary work and church planting throughout America!