Making the difference around the world

We are a missionary church with projects, schools, extensions, campuses and congregations in 4 continents!

About Us

To serve is Our Main Goal!

Our vision is to speak of the love of Jesus to each and every person we know. And our mission is to be the Church that makes a difference, fulfilling the purposes of Jesus to His people.

We are an active Ministry in more than 21 countries. We have been in the USA since 2000, bringing Good News to all the communities in which we are inserted. Here in America, we serve the Lord in: Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Palm Coast and Seattle.

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Pastors Saulo and Priscila dos Santos

Church Pastors in Atlanta, world headquarters of the MSBN Ministry.


Our campuses in the US

Visit our campuses in the United States and join the Church that makes a difference!


Pastors Pr. Saulo e Pra. Priscila Santos

Address 505 Commerce Park Drive, Suite B, Marietta - GA

Phone 678 581 0471


Pastors Pr. Misael de Lara e Pra. Thamy Prestes

Address 4081 L B McLeod Rd, Orlando, FL 32811

Phone 407 246 9908


Pastors Pr. Oseias e Pra. Gabriela Moreira

Address 1475 NW 12th Ave Floor 1, Miami, FL 33136

Phone 321 315 4354

Palm Coast

Pastors Pr. Emilio e Pra. Denise Talamonte

Address 4996 Palm Coast Pkwy NW #3, Palm Coast, FL 32137

Phone 770 568 1180

Salt lake City

Pastors Pr. Bruno Martins e Taynara

Address --

Phone 470 775 7553


Pastors Pr. Danilo e Fernanda Siqueira

Address 232 5th Ave S, Kirkland, Washington.

Phone 425 757 2714

Colorado Springs

Pastors Miss. Edne

Address --

Phone 770-899-5267